Cricket Academy of Bihar

Cricket Academy of Bihar

The Cricket Academy of Bihar (CAB) is one of the India’s premier cricket coaching academies, since 2001. Run by trained coaches, guides and former players it is one of its kind with state of art facilities for senior trainees of cricket, aspiring and developing youngsters, women cricketers. The fact that nearly every distinguished State or National cricketer from Bihar has honed his game at CAB grounds in the past years is a testimony of its dedication towards the sport.

The coaches are certified former State and National players and guides who have coached 1st Class, Ranji and IPL cricketers. The center with its high end resources and facilities, emphasizes on modern cricketing techniques, fitness, sporting intelligence and strategies, and international exposure. The center exclusively caters to serious players and supports them in enhancing their cricketing abilities in the highly competitive cricket scenario providing personalized training the budding players. It has also served as a center for developing interest in the sport for young cricketers and senior enthusiasts. This is also an exclusive center for cricket practice for both men and women cricketers.

You can join the academy to pursue your passion, develop your interest, grow your fitness. You learn the sport while at play.

We provide:

  • Cutting Edge resources and facilities
  • Modern cricketing techniques and fitness mantra
  • Sporting intelligence and strategies
  • Exposure of outstation and overseas tours
  • Exchange program for students from across the cricketing world